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Hot forging or cold forging for track shoe bolt is ok for us

We have a new workshop opened for the cold forging bolts and nuts,like track shoe bolt and nut.To adapt to different market demands and customer requirements.

The materials required for the cold forging are different. Before processing, they need to be softened before they can be directly formed in our large machine. Due to the extremely high temperature in the workshop when hot summer during the day and the extremely high temperature of the machines, our workers operate at night. M12-M18 bolts can be easily operated, but if they exceed M20, they can be done. However, the operating cost will be much higher than that of hot forging. Therefore, we do not recommend using very thick bolts as cold forging.

Hot forging is our conventional process and is also a popular and mature process in the market. Some customers may also request heat treatment. The compactness of heat treatment is relatively high quality, but the price will also be relatively high.

Different customers also have different design requirements for these excavator bolts, some with loose plates, some without, some with large heads, some with thicker heads, some with round heads, and some with flat heads etc.

So, if any doubts, our WDF team will respond promptly.


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